There’s an intensity and something really primal about Painted X-Ray. It is potent and dynamic with insistent guitar and violin interweaving around a pounding and constantly-evolving rhythm section of taiko and bass guitar.

Alun Woodward, Mix the City


Brand new ILK [our original name] with Georgie McGeown and Alison Roe – who combine taiko with guitar, bass and violin to create a powerful visceral wall of “noise” which strikes you inside where only Wadaiko  [taiko] can strike.

Mugenkyo, UK’s foremost touring taiko group, in their Taiko Taiko newsletter


Your taiko trance was stunning cool

Hiroshi Motofuji, top Japanese taiko drummer (translation by his student Yumi Célia)


Unmissable! Such musical and emotional intensity, such originality… a beguiling fusion that astounded me first time I witnessed it (and it IS a kind of ‘witnessing’), and still hooks and beguiles me now I’ve heard you three times.

Carol McKay, audience member


the incomparable and utterly unique Painted X-Ray (Formerly known as ILK)… Spellbinding, hypnotic and unmissable! Get some!

Angus Quinn, audience member